Big data

Measure the effectiveness of a message

How long do customers spend in front of the screen? And do they interact? Through big data you can monitor analytics from any location and adjust the content realtime if needed. Did you know, you can even analyse their mood? Combine your in-store analytics with online insights and you have the strongest marketing tool ever.

Make content personally relevant through data

Big data is a term to describe large sets of data like gender or age. Ads on your company floor that are based on these comprehensive and real-time data blows your printed media into the weeds. Because the content shown on your screens automatically adapts to the person in front of it. The more you know about your customers thanks to data, the better you anticipate their needs. And not only on the world wide web. Big data are as relevant in-store as they are online. Think of it as Google Analytics for your whole company.

Big data and digital signage

If you purchase something on the internet, you want to find it fast. We use all kinds of data to show the right ads to the right people at the right time, because that’s what todays customer expects. So why should that be any different in a store?